Animal Studies


Oligodactyly was observed in Steamed Rehmannia Root, Szechuan Lovage Rhizome and Tangerine Peel while digital arrest was observed in Steamed Rehmannia Root during the organogenesis (left) and maturation periods (right). Congenital oligodactyly deformities in maternal exposure to Chinese medicines during the organogenesis period E8–E15 and the maturation period E15– P0 in mice. (Left panels) Control vehicles resulted in normal digits (closed arrows; E8–E15: blue for right upper limbs; E15–P0: blue for left upper limbs, green for right upper limbs and red for left lower limbs), while the indexed Chinese medicines induced oligodactyly and arrested digits (open blue arrows) at E15 (Left) and P5–P7 (Right). References: Wang CC, Li L, Tang LY, Leung PC. 2012. Safety evaluation of commonly used Chinese herbal medicines during pregnancy in mice. Hum Reprod 27, 2448-2456.