Clinical Studies

Meta-analysis - infertility

Only 2 studies could be selected for meta-analysis. Both Liang's study and Ma's study compared the effect between combined Chinese medicines and Western medicines and Western medicines alone, and showed that Chinese medicines might improve the performance of Western medicines for infertility. Since the limited numbers of participants, further studies still required for a solid conclusion. References: Liang R, Liu J, Lu J, Zhang H. 2008. Treatment of Refractory Polycystic Ovary Syndrome by Bushen Huoxue Method Combined with Ultrasound-guided Follicle Aspiration. Chin J Integr Tradit West Med 28:314-317. Ma H, Lai M, Liu H, Song C, Pan S. 2009. Clinical observation of integrated therapy of Chinese and Western Medicine on 85 patients with infertility caused by PCOS. J Tradit Chin Med Univ Hunan 29:47-48.