Clinical Studies

Clinical Studies - Adverse Outcomes

StudyDesignToxicityAdverse effectsAdverse maternal & prenatal outcomesOthers
Chen et al. 1995 RCT----
Ren et al. 2002 RCT----
Ren et al. 2002 RCT----
Hua et al. 2003 RCT----
Ge et al. 2004 RCT----
Liao et al. 2004 RCT----
Shao et al. 2004 RCT----
Xia et al. 2004 RCT----
Zhang et al. 2004 RCT----
Wu et al. 2006 RCT--Liver toxicity, oligomenorrhea Acne
Li et al. 2007RCT----
Ye et al. 2007RCT----
Liang et al. 2008RCT-OHSS & LUFSMiscarriage -
No toxicity was recorded from those clinical studies. The adverse outcomes of ovarian hyper-stimulation syndrome and luteinized unruptured follicle syndrome (Liang, et al. 2008) occurred. For the adverse maternal and prenatal outcomes, liver toxicity, oligomenorrhea, and miscarriage were found (Liang, et al. 2008). Acne was reported in Wu’s study (Wu, et al. 2006). References: Ren X. 2002. Effectiveness comparesion of two stimulate ovulation treatment on non-sensitive to conventional therapy of polycystic ovary syndrome. J Pract Obstet Gynecol 18:351-352. Hua L, Wu Y, Zhang J, Cai S, Huang Y, Tong Q, Zhang Q. 2003. Clinical Study of Yishen Jianpi Yangxue Tongli Therapy in Treating Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. Chin J Integr Tradit West Med 23:819-822. Liao Y. 2004. 80 cases clinical observation of YU GONG WAN and Clomifene for unovulation infertility. J Chin Integr Tradit West Med 2 Shao R, Lang F, Cai J, Yan L. 2004. Clinical Observation on Treatment of Stein-Leventhal Syndrome Caused Sterility by Combined Use of Clomiphene and Chinese Nourishing Shen and Activating Blood Circulation Drugs. Chin J Integr Tradit West Med 24:41-43. Xia Y, Cai L, Zhang S, Yue K, Wang S, Yao L, ZHang X. 2004. Therapeutic Effect of Chinese Herbal Medicines for Nourishing Blood and Reinforcing Shen in Treating Patients with Anovulatory Sterility of Shen-deficiency Type and Its Influence on the Hemodynamics in Ovarian and Uterine Arteries. Chin J Integr Tradit West Med 24:299-301. Zhang J, Wang X. 2004. 30 cases of BU SHEN YANG XUE FANG and Clomifene for unovulation infertility. JTCM 45:280-281. Ge X, Ying Z. 2006. 60 cases of combining traditional Chinese and western medicine treatment for ovulation disorder infertility. Pract Chin J Integr Trad West Med 6:29-30. Wu S, Chen X, Chen W, Su S. 2006. Clinical trials for combination of Laparoscope and NEIYI pills or NEIYI colon hydrotherapy one endometriosis. J Liaoning Uni Tradit Chin Med 8:5-6. Li X, Li L, Fu F, Hu X. 2007. Clinical Research on Lingzhu Infusion and Shenqi Capsule Sequential Therapy for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. J Tradit Chin Med 48:1079-1081. Ye D, Xu L, Lu R. 2007. Clinical Observation on Laparoscopic Ovarian Electrocauterization Combined with Cycle Treatment of Traditional Chinese Medicine for Type Phlegm-damp Refractory Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. J Guangzhou Uni Tradit Chin Med 24:445-448. Liang R, Liu J, Lu J, Zhang H. 2008. Treatment of Refractory Polycystic Ovary Syndrome by Bushen Huoxue Method Combined with Ultrasound-guided Follicle Aspiration. Chin J Integr Tradit West Med 28:314-317. Ma H, Lai M, Liu H, Song C, Pan S. 2009. Clinical observation of integrated therapy of Chinese and Western Medicine on 85 patients with infertility caused by PCOS. J Tradit Chin Med Univ Hunan 29:47-48.