Clinical Studies

Quality of Trials - Miscarriage

Most of the randomized controlled studies of Chinese herbal medicines for the treatment of miscarriage clearly classified and compared covariates such as age and symptoms between each group of participants, and found no significant differences (He and Che 2007, Li, et al. 2006, Song and Zhu 2007, Teng and Wu 2008, Yue, et al. 2009, Zhang, et al. 2000, Zhang, et al. 2005, Zhao, et al. 2010, Zhao, et al. 2008, Zhou 2006). However, the ways in which participants were divided into different groups were not described, and the methods used for allocation, concealment, and blinding were not clearly described (Gong and Chen 1993, Li, et al. 2006, Song and Zhu 2007, Zhang, et al. 2000, Zhou 2006). In some studies, the outcome data were adequately addressed. There are limited best-quality trials for the treatment of miscarriage, such as two by Li and Zhang (Li, et al. 2006, Zhang, et al. 2000); however, their methods of allocation concealment and blinding were unknown. This limited information is not sufficiently reliable to draw a solid conclusion regarding the safety or effectiveness of Chinese herbal medicines for pregnancy. References: Yang CL. 1992. Study on intellectual development of children with maternal exposure to treatments of threatened miscarriage. Chin. J. Integr. Trad. West. Med. 3: 175. Gong L, Chen D. 1993. Integrative treatment of threatened miscarriage and study of birth health - analysis of 62 cases. Chin. J. Birth. Health. Heredity 2: 75-76. Zhang J, Zhang Y, Liu G, Feng Q. 2000. Clinical and Experimental Study on Yun’ an Granule in Treating Threatened Abortion. Chin. J. Integr. Trad. West. Med. 20: 251-254. Zhang R, Li G, Chen Z, Ma Y. 2005. Zi Shen Yu Tai Pill for threatened miscarriage. Chin. Herb. Med. 28: 1144-1146. Li L, Zhou Z, Liu J. 2006. Clinical studies of Bu Shen Gu Tai Decoction for threatened miscarriage. Guangxi Chin. Med. 29: 17-18. Zhou Y. 2006. Clinical observation on Shoutai Pill and Shixiao Powder for the treatment of threatened abortion with kidney deficiency and blood stasis. J. Guangzhou Univ. Trad. Chin. Med. 23: 25-29. He Z, Che P. 2007. Clinic curative effects on integrated Chinese and western medicines for threatened miscarriage & the childbearing results. Pract. Chin. J. Integr. Trad. West. Med. 7: 32-33. Song Y, Zhu L. 2007. The fetus protection of Zhixue Baotai decoction on women of early threatened abortion with dark area surrounding pregnancy sac. Chin. J. Integr. Trad. West. Med. 27: 1025-1028. Teng J, Wu X. 2008. Bu Shen Yi Qi formula and Progesterone for threatened miscarriage. Master thesis. Master thesis. Hubei Chin. Med. Coll. 27: 1-10. Zhao W, Chen X, Zhang L. 2008. Clinical study of serum CA125 Zi Shen Rou Gan formula for early threatened abortion. Sichuan J. Trad. Chin. Med. 26: 88-89. Yue P, Chen Z, Jie F. 2009. Combined Chinese medicines and western medicines for threatened miscarriage. Gansu J. Trad. Chin. Med. 22: 44-45. Zhao W, Chen X, Shen W, Zhang L. 2010. Zi Shen Rou Gan formula for early threatened abortion - preliminary study of serum CA125. Liaoning J. Trad. Chin. Med. 37: 1282-1283.