Chinese Medicines

Chinese Medicines for Pregnancy

Over 2,000 Chinese medicines and prepared slices of Chinese crude drugs, vegetable oil, fats and extracts, patented Chinese traditional medicines, and single ingredients of Chinese crude drug and preparations are recorded in Chinese Pharmacopoeia (Chinese Pharmacopoeia Commission, 2011). There are 34 Chinese herbal medicines are contraindicated or not recommended for pregnancy. There are over 300 Chinese medicines that have been used for pregnancy in daily clinical practice; approximately 200 are applied for promoting maternal and fetal wellbeing, although 8 of them are animal origins and 1 is metal origins. References: Wang CC, Li L, Lau CBS, Leung PC, Fung KP. 2013. Pregnancy outcomes, embryonic and fetal development in maternal exposure to Chinese medicines. Birth Defect Res C 99, 275-291. Chinese Pharmacopoeia Commission, 2011, Chinese Pharmacopeia, 9th ed. China Medical Science and Technology Press: Beijing